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Our village

Our properties tell historic tales of a small, yet bustling Reykjavík from the early to mid 1900s.

Reykjavík Residence Hotel began renovating a selection of landmarked buildings in 2010, with our most recent property opening its doors in 2019 at Hverfisgata 78.

You can explore the rich history of our buildings further through the photos and historical information on display in the public areas within each of our properties.

History of the Houses

The Embassy

The Embassy building was built at Hverfisgata 45 in 1914 as one of the first examples of concrete houses in Reykjavík.

The first owners were Matthías Einarsson and Ellen Ludvika Matthíasdóttir Johannessen. Matthías was a doctor and their daughter later became a well-known painter, Louisa Matthíasdóttir.

Economy Studios, Standard Studios and Superior Studios are nestled inside, and this property also was home to our Hotel Reception until 2020.

Publishing House

The Publishing House was built at Veghúsastígur 7 in 1920 with concrete and stone by Erlendur Einarson.

The building and its original annexes have been home to the Máni soap factory, Smári margerine factory, Helgafell publishing house and Víkingsprent printing press.

It can be your new home during your stay in Reykjavík if you book one of our Two Bedroom Apartments.


Bergshús was built at Veghúsastígur 9 in 1910 by Bergur Einarsson, who was the first tanner in Iceland.

Einarsson opened his tannery workshop and store in the building and also lived here with his wife and two daughters.

Today it is home to our Three Bedroom Apartments and another Two Bedroom Apartment.

The Tannery

From 1911 – 1914, Bergur Einarsson built and used three sheds behind his house at Veghúsastígur 9A for the tannery business.

These have since been torn down, and the building standing presently was erected in 2017.

Here we present Economy Studios, Standard Studios and One Bedroom Apartments.

Prime minister's Residence

What we call The Prime Minister’s Residence at Hverfisgata 21 is another of the oldest concrete houses in Reykjavík, built by Jón Magnússon in 1912. Jón was the town sheriff at the time and later became the Prime Minister of Iceland.

This is also the house where the King and Queen of Denmark stayed during their stay in Iceland in 1926.

Today it is home to Economy Studios, Family and Standard Studios, and of course, our Suites.

Artisan House

The Artisan House at Lindargata 11 is a wooden house, built in 1901 by the merchant Ástráður Hannesson.

Over the years, the building housed a carpentry workshop, book-binding company, sewing workshop and six apartments. One family lived in the building for 88 years.

The Artisan House was remodeled by us most recently in 2017 in order to accommodate Standard Studios, Family Studios and Junior Suites.

Printing press Front building

The Bókfell Bookbinding Company completed the building at Hverfisgata 78 in 1947, where they remained in operation until moving just outside Reykjavík to Kópavogur in 1978.

Bókfell is known for binding the Saga of Icelanders, the first Icelandic Bible and the works of Nobel Prize winner Halldór Laxness.

The Printing Press Front and Courtyard Buildings are our newest properties, where you can find Economy and Standard Studios, Family Studios and Family Suites, as well as Two Bed Two Bathroom Apartments.

Printing Press Courtyard Building

The Bókfell Bookbinding Company took over a mechanic’s shop that was located at Hverfisgata 78 shortly after the company was established in 1943. Here, they planned construction for the Bókfell Building, which we refer to as the Front Building.

Following Bókfell’s relocation decades later, Formprent printing press operated on this property until 2015.

Reykjavík Residence erected the Printing Press Courtyard Building in 2019, where it is home to our Family Studios and Family Suites, as well as an Economy and Standard Studio.